Best Breakfast Places In Dubai

Hi, Stephen Shown

Hi, Stephen Shown

We aim to cultivate a sense of wanderlust and ignite a love for adventure, all while fostering a deep appreciation for the diversity of cultures and landscapes that make our world truly remarkable.


best breakfast places in dubai

Dubai, a city known for its grandeur and luxurious lifestyle, is a melting pot of cultures and cuisines. Amidst the towering skyscrapers and extravagant malls, it’s not just shopping that takes center stage; dining is a grand affair too. In this article, we’ll guide you through the best breakfast places in Dubai, with a special focus on those located within the iconic Dubai Mall. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, these culinary destinations are sure to satisfy your morning cravings.

Breakfast at Dubai Mall: A Gastronomic Adventure

Dubai Mall, the world’s largest shopping and entertainment destination, is a place where luxury, style, and culinary excellence converge. It’s no surprise that it also houses some of the city’s best breakfast spots. Here, you can indulge in an array of delectable morning options, from international cuisines to local delicacies.

The Address Downtown Dubai: Zeta

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Located within The Address Downtown Dubai, Zeta is a gem that offers a stylish and contemporary setting for breakfast enthusiasts. Overlooking the magnificent Burj Khalifa, this restaurant provides a spectacular backdrop for your morning meal. The breakfast menu at Zeta features a blend of international favorites and Middle Eastern classics. You can savor fluffy pancakes, perfectly poached eggs, and an array of freshly baked pastries while enjoying the panoramic view.

Arabian Flavors at Atmosphere

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If you’re looking for a more traditional breakfast experience, head to Atmosphere. Situated on the 122nd floor of the Burj Khalifa, it offers breathtaking views of the city. The breakfast menu combines the richness of Arabian flavors with a contemporary twist. Enjoy dishes like shakshuka, falafel, and a variety of Middle Eastern bread while taking in the stunning vistas.

Fashionable Dining at Fashion Avenue

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Fashion Avenue in Dubai Mall not only caters to the fashion-conscious but also to those with a discerning palate. Start your day with a fashionable breakfast at one of the upscale cafes or bistros in this precinct. You can choose from freshly brewed coffee and croissants at the charming French patisserie or opt for an elegant Mediterranean breakfast experience. The choices here are as diverse as the fashion collections.

Dubai’s Culinary Gem: Social House

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Social House, located on the lower ground floor of Dubai Mall, is a popular choice for breakfast. Its extensive breakfast menu offers a variety of dishes to suit all tastes. From classic continental options to local favorites, this spot has it all. Whether you prefer a hearty English breakfast or a light, healthy meal, you’ll find it at Social House.

The Dubai Mall Terrace: Breakfast with a View

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For a breakfast experience with a view, head to The Dubai Mall Terrace. This open-air setting offers a wide range of dining options. You can enjoy a leisurely breakfast while overlooking the Dubai Fountain and the Burj Khalifa. The menu includes everything from fresh fruit platters to gourmet omelets, making it a perfect spot to start your day.

International Indulgence at Wafi Gourmet

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Wafi Gourmet, a Lebanese restaurant located in Dubai Mall, offers an intriguing twist on breakfast. While it specializes in Middle Eastern cuisine, it also features a diverse breakfast menu. Try their signature Mediterranean breakfast, which includes labneh, olives, and warm bread. It’s a unique and delightful way to kick off your day.

Family-Friendly Options at Rainforest Cafe

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For families visiting Dubai Mall, the Rainforest Cafe provides a fun and unique breakfast experience. The restaurant is known for its jungle-themed decor and interactive dining. Enjoy a breakfast buffet that caters to both adults and children, with a variety of options that will satisfy even the pickiest eaters.

The Social Hub: La Serre Bistro & Boulangerie

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La Serre Bistro & Boulangerie is a social hub for breakfast lovers in Dubai Mall. The boulangerie offers an array of freshly baked bread, pastries, and viennoiseries, while the bistro serves up classic breakfast dishes with a French twist. The ambiance is lively, making it a perfect spot for socializing while enjoying your morning meal.

Dubai Mall is not just a shopping paradise; it’s also a culinary haven with a multitude of breakfast options to suit every palate. From international flavors to traditional Arabian dishes, this mall offers a diverse range of breakfast experiences. Whether you prefer to start your day with a view of the Burj Khalifa, enjoy a family-friendly atmosphere, or indulge in a traditional Middle Eastern breakfast, Dubai Mall has it all. So, next time you’re in this bustling metropolis, don’t forget to explore these breakfast gems tucked within the grandeur of Dubai Mall.

In a city known for its opulence, these breakfast places offer a luxurious start to your day. Each one provides a unique culinary journey that will surely leave you with a lasting impression and a satisfied appetite. So, whether you’re a local or a visitor, make it a point to experience the best breakfast places in Dubai Mall. Your morning cravings will thank you for it.


MD Ijaz

MD Ijaz

We aim to cultivate a sense of wanderlust and ignite a love for adventure, all while fostering a deep appreciation for the diversity of cultures and landscapes that make our world truly remarkable.

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